Service Plans



1 visit every 4 weeks

Up to 2 cans to be cleaned

$2 per additional can



4 visits per year

Up to 2 cans to be cleaned

$10 per additional can



2 visits per year

Up to 2 cans to be cleaned

$14 per additional can

One Time


One Time Cleaning

Up to 2 cans to be cleaned

$18 per additional can

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4 Visits per year


4 visits per year

Up to an 8′ x8′ dumpster

One time cleaning


One time cleaning

Up to an 8′ x8′ dumpster

Monthly contracts must be fulfilled through November.
Clean Can Company will not be operating December-February, due to freezing temperatures. All monthly, quarterly, and bi-yearly services will automatically resume regular scheduling in March, unless Clean Can Company is notified of cancellation.

Our Service Area

We are proud to provide services in North Platte and surrounding areas.

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have a specific need?

In addition to residential packages, we can provide personalized services for your commercial business. No two businesses are the same- we would be happy to create a service plan that is unique to your business needs. Please contact us directly for pricing.

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We collect the water and all the gunk from your trash can in a water reservoir on the truck. That water is then disposed of at a waste treatment facility, keeping the wastewater out of the streets and storm drains.

We clean trash cans 9 months out of the year. Due to potentially freezing temperatures, we will not be operational December-February to avoid damaging our equipment.

All regularly scheduled cleanings (monthly, quarterly, and bi-yearly) will automatically be added to our schedule in March. If you wish to change or cancel your service plan, please contact us directly.

If we arrive and see that your can is still full, we will make every effort to check back later and complete your cleaning that day. If trash pickup is running a day or two behind schedule for that week, we will push your appointment to the following week and notify you of the change.

When you order your service you will select the day of the week and time of day that your trash cans are emptied. We will come by and clean your trash cans a few hours later.

We are happy to assist you in altering your service plan at any time. If you are currently enrolled in our monthly cleaning plan, We do ask that you allow us to fulfill the current contract until November of that year before making any changes or cancellations.

After November, you will no longer be on our cleaning schedule, per your request. All quarterly and bi-yearly contracts must fulfill all 4 or 2 cleanings before being removed from our schedule. If you absolutely must break the contract and cancel your service plan, your last scheduled cleaning will be charged as a one-time cleaning- $72.99+tax.